New Zealand and

Kia Ora!

Greetings from Aotearoa! Otherwise known in English as New Zealand.

This is a land with incredible scenery, sheep and an uncontrollable urge to jump from high places.

I’ve been here since the 9th of January and only now can I be bothered to make a blog post about it. The fact that I am now at a computer technical conference though means compys are handy.

In the past 15 days I’ve travelled over thousands of kilometers of water, seen rainforest and glaciers at the same time (Fox Glacier does this!), mountains and sea (Milford Sound) and plains that are dead flat as far as the eye can see. In just a few hours of driving the scenery here can change completely – as can the climate!

With my Contiki tour complete, I’m now at held this year at the University of Otago in Dunedin, NZ – au temporairly stands for Australasia.

There are now a few days of Linuxy goodness, seminars and tutorials – unfortunately I don’t have a laptop with me – I feel a little out of place.

Excuse the brevity of this post, I’m getting back into the Linux action!