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What is Middle of Nowhere?

Well it would seem that you've stumbled on our humble little site. So you've wandered around, clicked a few links, read a few scripts and now you're here, back at the start, wondering to yourself "What the hell is the Middle of Nowhere"?

You want answers right? Well I'm sorry to tell you bud, we ain't got them.

That's right, even we don't know what the Middle of Nowhere is. It was about two years ago when myself and fellow MON member Deon (Dex) had a conversation in which we attempted to settle once and for all what the Middle of Nowhere is. The following is a transcript of that conversation:

Matt: Now here is a question: is Middle of Nowhere a company, as in a production company or is it a philosophy that influences certain works of insanity?

Deon: A Philosophical Company, it doesn't really exist.

Matt: I know, which is why I am more inclined to think of it as a philosophical movement, even if it has no philosophy.

Deon: Like Art Nouveau.

Matt: But on its side.

Deon: Actually I think it is Art Nouveau on a greater angle.

Matt: Actually it is Art Nouveau in Sweden for breakfast.

That's as far as we got.

But I guess that probably doesn't satisfy you. So I've decided to have another shot.

Where to start? From the beginning? That's hardly the Middle of Nowhere way... But what the hell, first time for everything.

Middle of Nowhere is a essentially four people who get together and work on creative projects. We write scripts, film short movies, take photographs, draw comics, whatever.

The group originally formed in high school. The four of us, Matt, Deon, Alexander and Ben had been creating funny creative pieces all our lives and we decided to collaborate on a few projects. It was Alex who came up with the name Middle of Nowhere as something that could capture the pure insanity of what we were producing.

Our first major collaborative project was a film title "The Good, the Bad and the Infinite". Alex, and my self had produced some films before that, but this was the first project that we produced as Middle of Nowhere. The film remains a misunderstood masterpiece, and we were most upset when it only brought in seventeen Academy Awards. But it did launch what we later termed The Infinite Universe, the setting for much of our work.

During high school we produced a number of other scripts in the Infinite Universe but these were never filmed. As school drifted on and we became caught up in our final years we left the Infinite Universe and Middle of Nowhere moved on to other projects.

Alex and another friend, Drew, spent alot of time working on a website titled The Bird Goes 'Round designed to show case a series of photos Alex had taken while overseas.

High school finished and Deon decided to put the Middle of Nowhere works onto a website. But with members moving away at university life taking our time, large group projects became impossible to organise and the creative output of Middle of Nowhere was limited to individual projects that we shared with each other over the internet.

Recently Middle of Nowhere has undergone some what of a renaissance. Drew was inducted as a new member and new projects like Fishflywest were organised.

It was decided that a new website was needed, one that could house the ever increasing body of work Middle of Nowhere was producing. Hence this website was born, thanks to the tireless work of Drew.

But what is Middle of Nowhere? It is a group of people who produce creative works. But it is more than that. Each member often produces their own work that isn't considered part of Middle of Nowhere. Middle of Nowhere is not only the work of four people, it is also a philosophy that influences the work each person creates for Middle of Nowhere.

Every Middle of Nowhere work is crazy, insane and most of all fun.

So I hope that helps as you explore the Middle of Nowhere site. There's alot to do and see, so go forth and enjoy.

Matt (Colonel)

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