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Gather 'round and I'll tell you a tale:

My story begins high in the Peruvian Andes. By this stage, Middle of Nowhere Productions was well on its way to becoming a great conurbation or perhaps an isthmus - at least according to the sketchy rumours which were circulating at the time.

I had first heard these rumours whilst working as a part-time taxi driver. Various passengers - many of whom, in hindsight, may have been Llamas - told me of a secret organisation of film-makers and cheese-eaters who inhabited the caves deep within the aptly named Mount RiddledWithCaves (which was of course was named after the great adventurer Sir John RiddledWithCaves (who actually turned out to be Rupert Murdoch before he started Fox)).

Armed with this information, I quickly journeyed to Argentina where I helped to create the Argentinean Constitution: The Penultimate Edition. Of course, the market for constitutional blockbusters was keen to purchase this grand document and it quickly seized the number 1 best-selling position from the as yet unwritten "The Da Vinci Code."

My interpretation of the Argentinean Constitution attracted the attention of Middle of Nowhere Productions who, despite some initial uncertainty decided to base several stories on it.

And thus begins my association of Middle of Nowhere. However, it would be several more millennia and 2 whistle-lollipop recessions later before I would at last be welcomed into their ranks…

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