The Infinite Universe

The Infinite Universe

This is the history of the creation of the Infinite Universe, the world in which many of our films, scripts, etc are set and the world most of our characters inhabit.

Man had been progressing at a rapid rate for many millions of years. They possessed remarkable technologies. The society of man evolved as well. Evolved to such a point that none could comprehend. The time was coming. All of humanity knew it. The Godhead was approaching; it was only a matter of time until the evolution was complete.

The evolution of man knew no bounds.

Then one day that evolution reached its pinnacle for forged in the Pit of Doom was none other than the Infinite Power Source. This was the ultimate step. A single source of infinite energy. And then all changed. In an instant all of humanity entered the Godhead, a period of time infinite in length to those experiencing it, but infinitesimally small to those on the outside. The God Head was when man literally became Gods, removing all natural form and becoming infinite energy.

In this period that was both an eternity of time, and a time so short it never existed five people decided to take the Infinite Power Source back in time. They foresaw that man’s conversion to pure energy would mean its instant destruction. They used the power of infinity to travel back in time.

In the past they possessed the power they had attained before the God Head, but not the infinite power of the God Head, unless they possessed the infinite power source. Many did not care however, and the five split up and spread their influence throughout time. The infinite power source thus fell into many peoples hands.

Although these primitive beings from the past could not utilize its power as those of the God Head were able to, they soon spread the power of time jumping through out the past. As more people traveled through time, they created infinite branches of reality. Soon the past became a struggle as many fought for the domination of the past, the future and the infinite power source…