The Bird Goes 'Round'


Warning: This document may present more questions for readers than it could ever possibly hope to answer.

Original FAQ:

By Alex

Oh, come on. You've seen the cardboard bird - there's no way we're going to be able to explain this.

But if you want us to try, read on…

In 2002 a friend and I were asked to do an appropriation of a John Keats poem (for our English class, you see, despite what that guy on the street thinks). Being the creative (hmm) geniuses we are, we decided to do a film adaptation of 'Ode to a Nightingale', which consisted of myself running rather meticulously after a cardboard bird (painted with a pastry brush).

After that film, the bird stayed in my room until the sudden decision to take it on my world trip we had been planning for a while, as you do.

Now the legacy can be more, er, legacyish with the making of this (overly professional) website (hijacked…er, created by another friend). The Nightingale is now a world traveler, from such humble beginnings (*sigh). Perhaps we've gone too far? Oh well, is all I say to that. Oh. Well.

OK, great. So, what's with the ominous feel to the rest of the website: "…has a will of its own…"?
Shut up.

OK…will you continue to take the Nightingale places?
I don't take it places. It goes itself.

But you just said…
Shut up.

What's with the random weird quotes you've got on the main page?
Well, this is a website about a world traveling, cardboard bird. It needed to have added that touch. Besides, I don't think they actually work. So…how did you notice them? And more importantly, they were disposed of with the BGR 2.0 site design - this is now at least BGR 4.0! Ha!

Isn't the idea of an FAQ to have questions answered, not asked?
Not if I don't make it that way.

But….what? That doesn't even make sense!
Well neither do you.

Well maybe this isn't a real FAQ.
Well maybe it isn't.

Well, you chopped yourself there


Riiiight…so…great little FAQ thing you've got here, eh.
Get out.

You're a little hostile, you realise -
Hey, the door's open, it's polite for you now to leave.

I'll just grab my scarf then?

Right, I don't have one. I'll be off then.