The Bird Goes 'Round'

About BGR

By Drew

The Bird Goes 'Round is the continuation of a school assignment from all the way back in 2002. We were set the challenge of creating an appropriation of a John Keats poem.

Alex and Ben responded with a short film based on 'An Ode to a Nightingale' which involved Alex running after a cardboard bird which was painted with a pastry brush.

The first Nightingale photos however were produced later - when Alex took the bird on a world trip. This was when the original photos of the Nightingale in Los Angeles, London, Paris and various locations around Germany were taken.

Following the return to school, a new idea was formed — to create a website where these newly taken photos could be displayed. It was at this point I hijacked the project. On the 13th of March 2003 with only a handful of images, a cheesy Java applet with phases of the moon and a design which looked like it was made in Frontpage the first version of The Bird Goes 'Round was released to the world.

Over the next few months and years BGR slowly evolved. With each new version and upgrade new features and photos were added. Past highlights of BGR included:

  • E-cards
  • A Guestbook (which somehow never got spammed!)
  • A brief change of address to
  • BGR: Interactive - Global Nightingaling

Despite our efforts on the site, it never got the visitors it deserved - at times the only visitors were the Camden High library iMacs which had BGR set as the homepage - and thus we let it die a slow and quiet death.

That is until mid 2005 when we decided to group all of Middle of Nowhere Productions websites together for the first time. During this process BGR underwent a complete overhaul and a change in address.

Combined with the rest of the MON website it has become the Bird Goes 'Round we see today.

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