The Bird Goes 'Round'

The Nightingale Chronicles

En Transit - Part One: A Cliffhanger Awaits

In this weeks adventure the Nightingale tackles public transport.

In the Nightingales line of work, sometimes it is necessary to scrimp here and there: flying economy instead of first, catching buses instead of driving and worst of all, having to get a train.

The very thought evokes fear in the inky heart of the Nightingale. Delays, cancellations, random passengers talking to you and worst of all, transit officers in their cold grey uniforms harshly enforcing the rules of the rails.

On this particular journey the Nightingale perched itself into one of the few remaining seats for the long, uncomfortable journey ahead.

Mile after mile of track wound slowly through the less than picturesque countryside - stagnant rivers, garbage dumps and backyards which resemble garbage dumps...

Meanwhile, the Nightingales friends, the three random characters, the Nightintux and Sir Hatsalot were madly enjoying fondue whilst listening to the most rocking pop group ever: Abba spelled backwards (Monkey, monkey, monkey. He's so funky, in a cheesefish world.)


Oh? Sorry, I'd fallen asleep... Suddenly, a crackly announcement cut through the air spurring a flurry of "huh" and "what was that?" the message said "Attention passengers *unintelligible* are *unintelligible* on this train"

Oh, no thought the Nightingale. Could clowns be clowning on this train? Or where water buffalo grazing on this train? "I have to get off" it thought in one of its few English speaking moments.

Panicked, the Nightingale rushed towards the exit, hoping the train would soon stop... But it didn't.

In the next episode of The Nightingale Chronicles will the monotony of this journey come to an end? Will action ensue? Find out next week!