The Bird Goes 'Round'

The Nightingale Chronicles

En Transit - Part Three: The Showdown on the High Rails

Last week in The Nightingale Chronicles, our heroic avian friend was put into a corner. Battle awaits. Who will reign supreme?

Aboard the 9:45AM train to the city, suddenly there was a sense of panic amongst the passengers who were madly searching their wallets, backpacks and pockets for their precious tickets. Their one and only chance of leaving the train alive.

A clunk, quiet but unmistakable was felt throughout the carriage. The doors were now locked. There was no escape.

In the entry, the Nightingale prepared for battle. "Oh. Where is Dr. McNinja when I need him" thought the Nightingale.

The carriage lights dimmed and changed to a rich golden hue streaming through the smokey air. At one end, the Nightingale, at the other, the Transit Officer, both standing ready for impending battle.

"You will never win little bird, I don't care if you have a ticket or not."

Despite the promises in the prologue no more information has been revealed! Is this a plot by the transit officer? Or is it just a plot device?! Find out, in the next episode of The Nightingale Chronicles!