The Infinite Universe

Zoltan the Assassin

By Alex (Snaykeemcgee)


To make a short, do-able (with our budget, inexperience, time and other such restrictions) television shows which introduces concepts of the Infinite universe but is not a grand cantos like any previous script. In fact, the premise of this is that there is only one episode (but made to look like part of a series, hence the prologue in this episode). Perhaps we’ll be proud enough of this edition to enter it into a short film festival, though that may not be possible as the only device I can think of for filming this is a digital camera in movie mode. It works OK, as you can see by previous films, but as Matt pointed out the resolution on television or any other medium than computer it’s just dodgy. But hey, we can work on that kind of thing. Oh, and I forgot to add - editing it using iMovie. It works pretty cool. And I have it, legally, which is a plus.

This episode involves the general story of Zoltan captures, easily releasing himself, doing a few ‘standard’ missions then facing his nemesis (Bob, General of Philosophy) in a rudimentary pit of doom.

Characters are attempted to be close to the person actually playing them. This is to help us with our inability to act and such like that. The only problem (well, the major problem) is whether Ben will include himself in this romp, seeing that in OPD Deon wrote Bob around Ben, who I agree is perfect(ish) for the part. In fact, it’d be really good for people to read and perhaps make other suggestions, especially if their character is saying something they wouldn’t say/are uncomfortable saying/don’t think is funny in any way.