The Infinite Universe

Zoltan the Assassin - Page 1

Scene 1:

[Zoltan is (as the prologue suggested) tied up on a chair in a dark, blank room. Captor is interrogating him]

Ahh you phallocentric, capitalist pig! You believe in freedom of speech? I don't see you speaking now. Your repression of the working class is disgraceful.

I am not a crook

Oh no? NO? Well, you yourself propagate this ideology by being a part of the upperclass. The Underclass does the work while you reap the benefits.

I'm an assassin. I often work.

Oh you DO, Do you? You toil for, what, one night a month? While your fellow man slaves in the mines for 15 hours a day to get minimum wage which won't even support the 11 kids he has? While you get a massive money order from some Capitalist Fatcat to kill some other fatcat that's getting in the way? Well, I'll crush you.

I do not represent society

No... you're a bit dark for that. Not that anyone really realises that society is as dark, filled with pain and bloodshed for personal reasons, under the false pretense that this is freedom! HUH!? The revolution continues, my friend, peace will lead the way.

Then why am I tied up, and my spleen dangling on the S of the UTS building's sign?

[Captor is then shot. Zoltan's rope is shot, and he unties the rest of himself and grabs his sniper rifle. Zoltan walks behind the curtain from whence the shot came, presses some buttons on his rifle which subsequently takes him back a few seconds in time. He then shoots the Captor and Zoltan's rope, and walks away. Maybe he then walks out of the UTS building.

From a booth, Bob, General of Philosophy, has been watching.]

So he has been trained well (whatever the line is from The Matrix Reloaded when the French dude says that about Neo when he stops the bullets before the scene where he does the sword fight on the staircase thingy.)
In fact, too good. We'll need to lay another trap so he can get in range, but one not involving Mr Wedge smuggling curling brooms to the Sahara. I don't believe he'd fall for it a fourth time.


Scene 2:

[Zoltan stumbles into his room. He pours some seed for his pet (the Nightingale, who'll eat it in the background) and lies down all tired-like. He then gets a message on his computer, updating on his latest mission.]

I suppose I'll never sleep.