The Infinite Universe

Zoltan the Assassin


Done in a series of very short clips:

  1. 3 examples of Zoltan snipering things
  2. Zoltan: "It would appear a need a vacation."
  3. Zoltan at the beach (just as Deon requested, that Zoltan be at a beach with boardshorts but still his overcoat, etc.)
  4. (In the same stance/backdrop as #2) Zoltan: "Sufficiently vacated."
  5. Zoltan's in a room, tied to a chair. Zoltan: "Damn, how did I end up here?"
  6. Captor beaming over him.

Theme Song:

Based on Drew's 2002 .wav hit, "Zoltan the Assassin", we will use this 25 second piece in time to various clips of Deon strutting/crossing his arms/looking all Zoltan-y. No credits except for at the end when Deon swishes his coat and walks away from the screen, where appearing on his coat reads "Based on the Character by Deon Poncini". Of course the title "Zoltan the Assassin" will appear in it also.